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Nike+iPod Patent Shows Heart Rate, Temperature and Hydration Monitors

The main complaints about the current Nike+ Gear aren't that it doesn't do a good job keeping track of how far you run, it's that it doesn't measure stuff like heart rate, body temperature and other factors runners care about. Nike hears you. Their latest patent for upcoming Nike+ gear expands on the current concept… » 4/27/08 4:30pm 4/27/08 4:30pm

Apple Patents Nike + iPod on Steroids: It Wants to Pump You Up

The standard rule of Apple patents applies: Just because it's on file, doesn't mean they're going to put it out. But I hope they do, America's fat ass needs this. It's an advanced fitness suite, like Nike + iPod cranked up to 1100. There's hardware that keeps tabs on your heart rate and other vitals, a rewards… » 3/27/08 11:50am 3/27/08 11:50am

iPod + Nike's Fat, Moldy Grandpa: Apple II Pumas

Before iPod + Nike, there was Apple II + Puma. The built-in pedometer in these 1980s clodhoppers look like a recipe for some cracklin' good shin splints, if you ask me. After pounding the pavement, you download the time and distance to the Apple II via its game port to track your progress, along with your knees'… » 3/24/08 12:40pm 3/24/08 12:40pm

Another iPod Bug: Nike+ Doesn't Work Well with Nanos

We just discovered this the hard way: The Nike+iPod peripheral that tracks your distance doesn't let you play music on the new nanos. It's a small, surely fixable bug, but it's very annoying on top of the other issues we've had with this generational jump. Whether it's the Cover Flow interface lagging (which has… » 10/15/07 10:28pm 10/15/07 10:28pm

All Nike Shoes to Become Nike+ Compatible

AP Nike President and Chief Executive Mark Parker recently said that all Nike running shoes will become compatible with the Nike+iPod sensor by the end of the year. There were no other details offered, but I would suspect that over the year Nike will slowly phase out the old kicks in favor of new ones that are Nike+… » 3/26/07 3:00pm 3/26/07 3:00pm

Stalking 101: Hack the Nike+iPod Sport Kit

A couple of scientists at the University of Washington managed to build a small scanner that could read the RFID signals that the Nike+iPod sports kit puts out. The range on these Nike devices are 60 feet, so it would be very easy for the right geeky person to track your every move. The scientists also linked their… » 12/14/06 2:44pm 12/14/06 2:44pm

Marware Sportsuit Sensor+: No Need for Nikes

If you're looking to use that Nike + iPod Sport Kit on your daily runs but don't feel like springing for a pair of $100 Nikes, you can still just get the sport kit for $29 and the Marware Sportsuit Sensor+, a $10 pouch made of neoprene and rubber into which you insert the Nike+ iPod wireless sensor. The Velcro closure… » 8/16/06 3:23pm 8/16/06 3:23pm