Nikon Camera Concept Adjusts the Balance Ergonomically and Stylishly

This may be something designer Ned Mulka whipped up in Illustrator, but I think he's onto the right path with his thinking that the DSLR needs to be redesigned and rebalanced. Sure, we've seen a more modern, streamlined approach with the micro four thirds cameras, but this concept, that shows the mirror, prism and… »5/05/11 7:40am5/05/11 7:40am


Nikon Has Something Non-Diminuitive to Declare At WPPI

So, I get the feeling that Nikon's about to announce something in February of 2009 and it's going to be... not small. This anti-petite happening will be taking place at the decidedly non-humble MGM Grand Arena during the WPPI photography convention in Las Vegas. The event might be an official announcement of the 41… »10/14/08 10:45pm10/14/08 10:45pm