Olympus Evolt E-410 Unboxed and Well Fondled (Verdict: Quite Nice, but …

If you don't know about the E-410, it's a 10-megapixel digital SLR packed into a remarkably slim body, selling for an impressively low price ($700 for body only, $800 for one lens, $900 including two lenses). The value proposition increases when you consider it includes Live View—the ability to get a video preview of … » 5/07/07 3:40pm 5/07/07 3:40pm

Nikon D40 DSLR Unboxing and Review: Cheap, Imperfect, Cute as a Button

The D40 is here, and we've got an unboxing, and some impressions. If you've forgotten, the D40 is Nikon's latest budget DSLR, and it actually comes in cheaper than what we'd expect. I'd say it nestles in a great little niche, between SLRs and Big Point and Shoots. » 11/21/06 6:19pm 11/21/06 6:19pm

Nikon D40 DSLR is Tiny, 6MP, with 3200 ISO: Eeess Nice

Nikon officially unveiled the D40 today, a new budget DSLR worth your attention. First off, they've stopped upping the megapixel count, and have left it alone with a 6MP CCD, which is fine, because I don't shoot above that anyhow for the web or personal images. Then it has a 3200 ISO rating making for terrific low… » 11/16/06 4:35am 11/16/06 4:35am