Camera Nerd Puzzle: WTF Is the Nikon D60 "Black Gold" Edition?

The folks at Nikon Rumors are puzzling over a new product SKU appearing on inventory lists, a Nikon D60 body only that lists for $649.99, $50 more than the standard D60. As you can see in the listings, it's named "Black Gold," utilizing all two of Nikon's favorite colors. We don't know what it is, but maybe you do.… » 9/12/08 8:30pm 9/12/08 8:30pm

Hands On Nikon D60 With Stop-Motion Movie Walkthrough

Pop quiz: Which one of these is the D60, and which one is a D40? You can't tell, can you? Ha! That's because it really is pretty much the same chassis (and guts) so if you know the D40x, you know the D60. The best new thing is the stop-motion movie stringer, which is quick, if simple—here's the whole process: » 1/30/08 6:48pm 1/30/08 6:48pm

Nikon D60 Basically a D40x Plus Stop Motion and a Few New Tricks

Nikon obviously couldn't let PMA pass without its own fresh volley into the cutthroat consumer-level DSLR market: Enter the D60. It's a D40X refresh, not a whole new cam built from scratch—it still has the same 10.2-megapixel image processor and body, but Nikon has added some spicy new potatoes to the meat to keep it… » 1/28/08 11:00pm 1/28/08 11:00pm