Nikon D90 Video Tests: The Good, The Bad and the Shaky

Some of you are thrilled that the age of video on DSLRs is here »9/26/08 5:00pm9/26/08 5:00pm; some of you are surprisingly pissed off about it. Truth is, the 720p video coming from the Nikon D90 can look amazing, but in some ways it can't replace even the cheapest cams when it comes to chasing kids and pets around. The good news is that you can…

First Nikon D90 DSLR Videos Show Off Stunning Effects, Low-Light Powers

While some have been skeptical of the D90's video recording as a useless gimmick, Nikon has posted a bunch of videos showing off some of the amazing things you can do with the camera. The above clip ticks off some of what you can do with a variety of lenses, toying with fisheyes or super-zooms, but the two below… »9/02/08 9:20pm9/02/08 9:20pm

Nikon D90 Official: First DSLR Ever With HD Video Recording

As rumored, Nikon's D90 is the first-ever DSLR with HD video recording, but maybe more importantly for actual photographers, Nikon is promising much of the same low-noise performance of their higher end DSLRs. The brand new 12.3-megapixel image sensor was developed in-house like the D3 and D700's (the D300 uses a Sony… »8/27/08 12:01am8/27/08 12:01am

Nikon D90 Available For Pre-Order From Circuit City, HD Movie Mode Confirmed

Good ol' Circuit City has jumped the gun on the official D90 announcement and has put it up for pre-order »8/26/08 11:59am8/26/08 11:59am. Release date is listed as September 5, and the price and most of the specs listed on the product page , but CC's page confirms that the movie mode will in fact record in HD (aspect ratio and actual resolution we…

Nikon D90 Coming in Early September? Or is it the D3X? Or BOTH??

Nikon has been sending out press invites for an event on September 3rd. What could they possibly want to talk about just a few weeks before Germany's Photokina expo? It could be Nikon's sequel to their D80, the D90. Or, it could be the 24.4-megapixel D3x that was spotted in Nikon firmware. Or, in a slight breach of… »7/17/08 2:58pm7/17/08 2:58pm