Ninja Tacks Make You Look Like Secret Shuriken-Throwing Master

This concept from designers Chromoly would be perfect if your boss is the pushy type, and you fancy unsettling them a bit: notice-board tacks shaped like Ninja throwing-stars. Just make sure you scream loudly and jam one in the wall near the door before they walk in, and voila: instant respect. Shame it's just a… »5/29/08 7:37am5/29/08 7:37am

Samurai Stormtroopers Hunt Down and Exterminate Ninja Jedis

If Star Wars took place in Japan and Jedis were ninjas, this is what Stormtroopers would hunt them down in during the Great Jedi Purge. They're obviously smarter than the average clone, too, since they're too dumb and clumsy to wield katana. Created by artist Yoshi Isao and on display at Gift Show 2008 in Tokyo, Giz… »2/08/08 6:30pm2/08/08 6:30pm

Sleek R/C Ninja and Swarthy Pirate Fight it Out In Your Own Home

First we showed you the remote control pirate ship, and now we introduce to you the pirate himself, in a vicious R/C battle against his ninja nemesis. Of course, since ninjas are superior to pirates in every way, this should be no contest. Jump to the next page to watch the video of the two inflatable warriors duking… »11/20/07 12:36pm11/20/07 12:36pm