America Might Be About To Get Its First Indoor Throwing Star Range

If this website is to be believed, come 2014, Lexington, Kentucky could easily replace Orlando, Florida as the most popular vacation spot in the country. Because next spring the city will be host to the nation's first indoor throwing star range and sake bar. Because nothing goes better with rice wine than a throwable… » 12/24/13 5:30pm 12/24/13 5:30pm

The Pen and Sword Are Finally Equals With This Ninja Pen

Have you ever needed to secretly jot down a grocery list, or covertly sign a check? With this katana sword pen in your pocket, and roughly 25 years of ninja training, you'll leave people wondering how that signature appeared out of nowhere. At least until you trigger its neat "SHHINNG" sound effect and give yourself… » 4/03/13 8:45am 4/03/13 8:45am

Ninjas Do Not Fight Fair

Ninjas are cunning foes. The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people. Foolish Canadians learned this valuable lesson after challenging one ninja and being ambushed by scores of the deadly assassins. » 10/21/11 10:20pm 10/21/11 10:20pm

Pittsburgh Is Having A Ninja Problem

The greater Pittsburgh area has been contending with a very annoying ninja infestation lately. If you've ever had a ninja problem yourself, you know that they're really hard to get rid of, and if you see one, you can be sure there's hundreds more where he came from. » 4/27/11 1:40pm 4/27/11 1:40pm

Watch These Ninjas Unbox YouTube

When ninjas unboxed the Nexus One, we all had a good laugh. But for the Nexus S , these guys have learned some terrifying, mind-swizzling tricks. Must watch, right now, over here, go quickly. » 12/16/10 12:01pm 12/16/10 12:01pm

The DefCon Ninja Party Badge Will Let You Battle Strangers

A hacker group known as the Ninjas has created what may be the best DefCon badge ever. The badge allows wireless ninja battle between badge holders. Unlike the official badge, attendees can't buy this one: it's free. » 7/28/10 7:20pm 7/28/10 7:20pm

Ninjas Save Man From Being Mugged and Beaten

After taking his iPod, wallet, and phone, three thugs decided to beat and kick their victim. They quickly regretted this decision though, because a group of ninjas rushed to rescue the poor man. » 5/20/10 3:00am 5/20/10 3:00am

Ninja Assassins Are After Your Toothbrush

Yes, there are ninja assassins after that disgusting, germ-ridden toothbrush of yours. They want to brutally annihilate 99% of the mess with their germicidal ultraviolet lights and you should probably just step back and let them do it. » 5/17/10 9:40pm 5/17/10 9:40pm

Ninjas Employ Their Own Method Of Unboxing a Nexus One

In this Google-sponsored video by Patrick Boivin, stop-motion ninjas show us only the second unboxing that I can describe as "action-packed." They easily defeated the Nexus One packaging, but their arch-rival Blister Pack won't go down so easy. [Engadget] » 1/18/10 4:44pm 1/18/10 4:44pm

Someday, Somehow, I Will Learn How To Plug In This USB Ninja Star Just…

Because unless you can do that, the Solidalliance Ninja 2G Shuriken flash drive is just a tacky, difficult to carry, 2GB poking hazard. It's available now for just over $100, plus shipping from Japan. [Akihabara] » 5/28/09 6:25am 5/28/09 6:25am

New Version of Google Mobile iPhone App Features Added "Ninja"

We don't have an explanation for this, but the new version of the Google Mobile App for iPhone/iPod Touch lists some pretty wacky improvements, notably "Longer Version Number" and "Ninja." Rimshot! » 4/29/09 1:30am 4/29/09 1:30am

Samurai Ergonomics

I have ignored computer ergonomic professionals my entire computing life, but this winter, a pain in my lower back would not go away. Instead of listening to "experts" I followed the advice of ancient swordsmen. » 4/13/09 11:00pm 4/13/09 11:00pm

Pirates vs. Ninjas Mobile Helps Your Baby Make An Informed Decision

The pirates vs. ninjas debate has raged on for years now, but us old timers may be set in our ways—picking one side or another without having all the facts. » 4/03/09 11:30am 4/03/09 11:30am

Ninja Tacks Pierce Your Papers...Silently

If you've been dreaming about the Ninja Star Tacks concept since last year, know that swift and silent cork board devastation can now be yours for $12. [Chromly via bbGadgets] » 1/21/09 8:00pm 1/21/09 8:00pm

Ninja Blowgun and Knife Combo is a Pocket-Sized Assassination Kit

Nothing says "I'm here to cause harm to you in several ways" quite like a blowgun that doubles as a 3.5-inch knife. It's yours, along with an inevitable visit to jail, for a mere $20. » 12/14/08 5:00pm 12/14/08 5:00pm

Somali Pirates Steal Nintendo Wiis, Christmas Joy

Wii shortages at Christmas time are officially a crummy holiday tradition » 11/18/08 8:00pm 11/18/08 8:00pm, like fruitcakes, gift cards for crappy stores and whiskey-soaked fake Santas. This year, though, it's because of pirates. No really. The Suez Canal is infested with Somali pirates (who've already stolen 1000 Wiis), so companies are diverting…