Nintendo Wii U FAQ

Nintendo's next console, the Wii U, has got us excited. It combines the best parts of the Wii with the graphical power of the other consoles and throws in the most insanest, ridiculously awesome controller we've ever played for good measure. But I'm sure you guys have questions. Here's what we know about the Wii U so… » 6/08/11 3:30pm 6/08/11 3:30pm

Sony Move Review: Don't Be Wii 2.0

As expected, Sony's Move is perfectly competent, hardware-wise, because Sony is a hardware company. But making games that mimic Nintendo's casual-friendly Wii party games is the wrong move. Instead, they need to focus on their true fanbase: The hardcore fans. » 9/17/10 1:00pm 9/17/10 1:00pm

Jaws Will Drop When Nintendo's Next Console Appears, Warns Game Designer

Nintendo game designer (and co-creator of Metroid) Yoshio Sakamoto is hyping up Nintendo's next console—even if it could be another eight years away. "At Nintendo we always have the obligation to surprise users with a new game console." » 9/07/10 7:20am 9/07/10 7:20am

Nintendo Investigating Foxconn Conditions

Contrary to a lot of reports, more than just Apple's products are made at Foxconn's Shenzhen factories. Nintendo, whose Wii and other products are made there, has announced it shall be investigating the working and living conditions of the factory workers in light of the suicides. [MarketWatch via Kotaku] » 5/28/10 4:35am 5/28/10 4:35am