DS Lite Bundles Get Official In Time For Holidays

Those "His and Hers" special edition Nintendo DS Lite bundles we told you about a while back got official today. Available in pretty pink (with a paw print) or gold (with the Triforce logo!), they come with Nintendogs: Best Friends or Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, respectively, and will cost $150 apiece when… » 11/20/07 12:00pm 11/20/07 12:00pm

What the Hell Is a Moshi Monster?

Michael Smith, creator of the Perplex City puzzle game may be a little slow to deliver that second season, but it doesn't mean that he's been sitting around doing nothing. His next brainchild is Moshi Monsters, a mash of Tamagotchi, Pokemon and NintenDogs, with heaping helpings of MySpace and LeapFrog ladeled over it… » 8/10/07 12:55am 8/10/07 12:55am

Nintendog Beanies: At Last, a Puppy That Won't Pee on Your Bed

Tomy have brought out a dozen official Nintendog beanies which whine or bark when you press their left ear. They're quite cute and they are less annoying than the DS game, which, during my short tenure as a Nintendog owner, drove me menkle. That AWFUL muzak. The suburban surroundings. In fact, the only things I liked… » 3/26/07 6:30am 3/26/07 6:30am

Nintendogs Plush Toy LCD Cleaner

Nintendogs addicts know that the black lab is the hardest dog to find in the game. I recently got a call from a Nintendo publicist who was searching for someone who had a black lab, because they don't know which cartridges have the rare breed loaded on them. (For the uninitiated, each Nintendogs cartridge comes with… » 11/09/05 1:20pm 11/09/05 1:20pm