iOS 5 Homescreen Web Apps Will Get a Boost from Mobile Safari's Nitro…

iOS allows web apps to look and behave like normal apps if bookmarked on the homescreen. And now with iOS 5, those web apps will be allowed to use Mobile Safari's Nitro JavaScript engine, promising faster, more powerful performance. [Ars Technica] » 6/17/11 6:07pm 6/17/11 6:07pm

Motorcycle Stuntmen Perform World's First Side-By-Side Double Backflip

What is better than a double back flip performed by one motorcycle stuntman? The same aerial maneuver performed by two stuntmen at the same time, side-by-side. » 6/09/11 12:49am 6/09/11 12:49am

World's First 1 TB 2.5" SSD from PureSilicon Is the Dream Drive

pureSilicon has created what seems to be the first 1 TB, 2.5" SSD. One terabyte, dudes. 2 and a half inches. Wrap your brain around that. » 1/10/09 3:45pm 1/10/09 3:45pm

MTV on Zune Marketplace?

Also, another crafty Zune lover was poking through the Zune software code and a couple of lines referring to MTV, VH1 and CMT. Does this mean that the Marketplace is going to be adding new content partners or is this just a relic from it's WMP11 past?
Plus, the video above: This guy cares so much about his Zune,… » 6/18/07 11:12am 6/18/07 11:12am