These Dolls Get Sunburns To Teach Kids About Using Sunscreen

There isn’t a child out there who likes being slathered in sunscreen before a day at the beach, but it’s the easiest way to ensure they don’t end up with a terrible sunburn. And to help make that a little easier for them to understand, this pair of dolls also gets a sunburn if not properly protected. »6/03/15 10:44am6/03/15 10:44am


Weird Combo of the Day: Bailey's Irish Cream With Free Nivea Skin Cream

I have to share this submission for a booze-related non-gadgety Weird Combo of the Day »11/02/08 3:00pm11/02/08 3:00pm, which we get more often than not. What are these people thinking? Are the people in charge of product synergy more than occasionally enjoying the products they're synergizing? Perhaps. Or it could be that in Shanghai reader…