iTunes Shutdown Scare Officially Over, Officially Dumb

The National Music Publishers Board didn't get their request to the Copyright Royalty Board for a larger cut of digital music sales, putting a definitive end to a miniature media crisis over the "possible" shutdown of iTunes. Apple threw a minor shit-fit over the prospective hike last year, insinuating that they might… »10/03/08 7:10am10/03/08 7:10am


iTunes Shutdown Threat Probably as Dangerous as Large Hadron Collider

Today the US Copyright Royalty Board is going to decide if they agree to increase music royalty payments as requested by the National Music Publishers Association, and for some reason the British are panicking over the idea that the Apple iTunes Music Store will shut down because of this. The reason for their hysteria… »10/02/08 10:44am10/02/08 10:44am