T-Mobile Has To Stop Its "Deceptive" No-Contract Ad Push

T-Mobile's big no-contract, Uncarrier campaign just hit a bit of a snag; Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has ordered the company to correct the deceptive campaign, which promised no contracts and no commitment without saying anything about hardware subsidies. T-Mobile has agreed to update the ads… » 4/25/13 3:38pm 4/25/13 3:38pm

You Can Use the iPhone with a Prepaid Plan Very Soon

The dream is real. After AT&T killed prepaid plans for the iPhone, no US carrier has allowed anyone to go with a prepaid, no contract plan when it came to the iPhone. Not anymore. Come June 22nd, Cricket will be selling the iPhone and offering a $55 month-to-month unlimited voice, text and data plan. » 5/31/12 9:50am 5/31/12 9:50am

AT&T Now Offering Postpaid Data Plans for Tablets

AT&T is rolling out new data plans for tablets and it's priced similarly to the old one, except now you have the option to either prepay or postpay your bill. Prepaid data plans and Postpaid data plans both cost the same: either $15 for 250MB or $25 for 2GB. The slight difference between the two plans are in the… » 3/03/11 11:10am 3/03/11 11:10am

Verizon Confirms Contract-Free Service

Verizon has confirmed rumors » 9/22/08 1:48pm 9/22/08 1:48pm that it would join other carriers by offering a contract-free service for customers who prefer not to be tied down by the man. As expected, you must pay full, unsubsidized prices for phones in order to be eligible (or bring your own CDMA devices), but the press release does not mention…

Verizon May Offer Contract-Free Service on September 21st

According to an inside source at BGR, Verizon is looking to offer a contract-free service starting on September 21st. Unlike their EasyPay plan, pre-payment is not a requirement. Therefore, users could terminate their service without penalty and make upgrades freely as long as they pay full, unsubsidized prices for… » 9/16/08 6:20pm 9/16/08 6:20pm