Gizmodo's Very, Very NSFW Porn Convention Adventure

CES, it takes a toll on you. Sometimes, you need a break. So Jason, Mark and I decided that on the last day of CES, we'd also go check out AVN, the NSFW porn convention that happens at the same time as CES. I was kind of apprehensive at first, as I thought I would get grossed out and feel uncomfortable with the… » 1/11/08 4:50pm 1/11/08 4:50pm

Losing Dignity at AVN: The Best Receipt Ever

Mark, Chen and I just got out of AVN. We're making a video. This is an actual receipt I got for one of the services I paid for at AVN for use in our video. I need to expense this now. I'm sorry Blam, I really am. Stay tuned for the video, it's sure to make you think even less of me, if that's even possible. » 1/10/08 4:23pm 1/10/08 4:23pm