Sound ID's HD300 Bluetooth Headset: Pristine Audio, Filters Out the Jibba Jabba

Sound ID has taken the lid off their new HD300 Bluetooth headset featuring proprietary NoiseNavigation technology that promises "pristine sound" by isolating speech and automatically reducing wind and background noise using dual microphones and DSP algorithms. A lot of companies make similar claims, but Sound ID's… »4/01/08 7:30pm4/01/08 7:30pm

iHearSafe Volume Limiting Headphones. What? HEADPHONES!

Parents today have so much to worry about: their kids don't like to play outside, their expensive handheld game systems are downloading porn, ADHD is spreading like the flu and to top it all of, the little whippersnappers are listening to their music too gosh darn loud! Well Mr. and Mrs. Overprotective Parent, Ingemi… »11/10/06 2:48pm11/10/06 2:48pm