A Timeline of Nokia's Bizarre and Sad Relationship with Smartphones

When will Nokia get back into mobile? “It’s complicated,” said a company rep today. That should be Nokia’s official relationship status when it comes to smartphones. If you look at Nokia’s bizarre and contradictory statements, it really seems like the company has no idea what the hell it’s doing. Here’s what they’ve… »7/14/15 5:15pm7/14/15 5:15pm

How to Get Next-Level Cryptography With a Crappy Old Nokia Phone

Remember the Nokia N9? Probably not—but geek points if you do—because it was a smartphone that was DOA and used by pretty much no one. But even a three-year-old smartphone is pretty sophisticated piece of machinery. Using just an N9 and light, physicists have found a way to generate the random numbers algorithms used… »9/12/14 3:57pm9/12/14 3:57pm