Gigantic Game of Guess Who Played On 40 Nokia Booklet 3Gs

When Mark reviewed the Nokia Booklet 3G last November, he unfortunately didn't have 40 of them so couldn't play a giant game of Guess Who by himself. But the guys at WOMWorld/Nokia did, making a hilarious video in the process. » 1/25/10 12:40pm 1/25/10 12:40pm

Nokia Booklet 3G Review

The Nokia Booklet 3G is one of the nicest netbooks you can buy, with a build that aspires to be a 10-inch MacBook Pro. But it's still just a netbook, and therein lies the problem. » 11/11/09 2:00pm 11/11/09 2:00pm

Nokia Booklet 3G Landing November 15 at Best Buy

We knew the the place and the price, just needed to know when the party starts. You can grab a pre-order for the $600 netbook ($300 with two-year contract) at Best Buy and pick it up November 15. [Engadget] » 11/07/09 5:30pm 11/07/09 5:30pm

Nokia's Very Nice (Net) Booklet 3G Is $299 Plus Your Soul on AT&T

Surprise, Nokia's Booklet 3G—a very nice netbook—is just gonna be $299 on Oct. 22, way below previous estimates of like a bajillion dollars. Granted, you're signing your soul over to AT&T for $60/month to get it that cheaply. » 10/13/09 10:35am 10/13/09 10:35am

Nokia Booklet 3G Hands On: Nice Netbook, But How Much?

The Nokia Booklet 3G has touched down on US soil. The cell phone manufacturer's first laptop is made of sturdy stuff and is mobile broadband/SIM-card friendly. I'd buy one if the price is right. But chances are it's not. » 10/12/09 9:00am 10/12/09 9:00am

Nokia's 3G Booklet Netbook Spotted at Best Buy With Less Atrocious $600…

The one way Nokia could doom their well-styled, long-lasting, 3G-and-GPS-having Booklet netbook? By punching it in the mouth with an $800+ price, like they did in the UK. A Best Buy inventory shot points lower, but not by much. » 10/02/09 10:50am 10/02/09 10:50am

Nokia Booklet 3G Will Be a Best Buy Exclusive in the U.S.

With Best Buy confirming exclusive retail rights to the 10-inch netbook with built-in 3G and GPS, are all hopes gone of seeing its estimated $800 price subsidized by a wireless carrier? » 10/01/09 5:43am 10/01/09 5:43am

Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook Unboxed on Camera

Nokia's Booklet 3G still has no U.S ETA, but it's an interesting 10.1-incher with Windows 7, 3G, and a claimed 16-hour battery life. And though I've no idea what this (Greek?) gentleman is saying, here's what's in the box: » 9/18/09 6:50am 9/18/09 6:50am

Nokia Booklet 3G and N900 Will Come to America, Absolutely No ETA

In a U.S. press briefing this morning, Nokia said that its Booklet 3G and the N900 will eventually be sold in the US of A. The company would not detail if they would be sold through carriers or simply unlocked (and in Nokia's U.S. based flagship stores). » 9/02/09 12:00pm 9/02/09 12:00pm

Nokia Dishes Booklet 3G's Full Specs and Price

After teasing its 10.1-inch netbook with 3G and Assisted-GPS, Nokia has confirmed an impressive 16-cell (12-hour) battery and coughed-up full specs: Windows 7, 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor, 120GB hard disk, 1GB RAM, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and HDMI. Price: €575 ($810) before-subsidies. » 9/02/09 4:46am 9/02/09 4:46am

Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook Packs GPS, 3G, HDMI and...Windows

So Nokia's got a 10-incher with built-in 3G and A-GPS (Ovi Maps) in the works. Interesting, but will it be just-another-netbook? I'd love to see a Nokia touch-screen interface on top of Windows. What about easy tethering with cell phones? » 8/24/09 7:40am 8/24/09 7:40am