Nokia Ditching Symbian for N-Series Phones

Symbian is being retired for Nokia's flagship range of phones, with the 720p-shooting N8 being the last phone to see the dated OS running on its little body. From now on, it's MeeGo all the way. » 6/24/10 8:55am 6/24/10 8:55am

Nokia's N-Series Will Ditch Symbian for Maemo by 2012

At an official N900 meet-up in London last night, the Maemo marketing team appears to have let slip that Nokia will use the Linux-based OS instead of S60 on all its future flagship N-Series handsets. About time, no? » 11/18/09 7:09am 11/18/09 7:09am

Nokia's N-Series Wants to be Touched More

After Nokia set its first touchscreen phone, the 5800 XpressMusic » 10/14/08 8:27pm 10/14/08 8:27pm, into the wild, one executive teased that they will be launching a new touchscreen smart phone for the , wedged neatly between the iPhone and Blackberry Storm. "We will have a lot of touch screen phones coming up, including an N-series device very…