Top 10 Phones of 3GSM

The 3GSM World Congress only started today. But like children who can't keep secrets or hold their bladders, every handset maker announced its new lineup in "me first" fashion. Which is why we're able to bring you this top 10 list of the most outlandish, impressive and iPhone-like phones of the show. Starting with… » 2/12/07 1:45pm 2/12/07 1:45pm

Nokia N77 Now Official: Mobile Widescreen TV, 3G

We had a really cryptic tip about the Nokia N77 last week, but now we have confirmation and actual pictures. It will indeed support mobile TV of the DVB-H variety viewable on its 2.4-inch screen, in addition to the EDGE, GPRS and UMTS standards. It only supports microSD cards up to 2GB in size, meaning that SanDisk's… » 2/12/07 9:50am 2/12/07 9:50am