Hands On the Nokia N81 (Verdict: Really Loud Music Phone)

You've already seen photos, but you haven't yet been told why the N81, which just went live, is special. Unlike the N9x series handsets this one's designed around music and gaming, not its camera-taking abilities. That explains why its MP rating is a mere 2MP and it's not armed with a Carl Zeiss lens. That also… » 8/29/07 6:00am 8/29/07 6:00am

This is What the Nokia N81 is Expected to Look Like

We got our first sniff at Nokia's N81 back in May and here it is again. Before you get too excited at the gallery below, it's only a model of Nokia's latest cell, but still, the pics are pretty.

» 8/07/07 4:19am 8/07/07 4:19am