ARM-Powered Lego Robot, Solver of 4x4x4 Rubik's Cubes and My Heart

Normally hyper-intelligent robots terrify me, but this little guy has officially won me over. It uses Lego Mindstorms parts, a Lego programmable robotics kit and—of all things—a Nokia N95 mobile phone to unlock the mysteries of Rubik. » 2/03/10 12:20pm 2/03/10 12:20pm

Windows 98 Now Runs on the Nokia N95

Just when you were mildly impressed with the fact that the Nokia N95 ran Windows 3.1, you can now be slightly more mildly impressed that it runs Windows 98 (apparently). [DailyMobile] » 3/04/09 10:40pm 3/04/09 10:40pm

Windows 3.1 Runs On a Nokia N95, Creating Dangerous Ripple in Space-Time

Oh, the beeper-wearing, big-glasses-having software engineers that designed Windows 3.x never could have foreseen this: an industrious young Pole has installed the OS on his futuristic "Enn Ninety-Five" hand-held electronic voice paging device. » 2/24/09 5:09am 2/24/09 5:09am

Android Running on a Nokia N95 Offers Lessons on Taking Video

By the looks of the following videos, someone has managed to get Android working on a Nokia n95 in one form or another. During the videos we can (sort of) see a dual boot Android / Symbian setup, Google maps running and a voice call being made. However, like most UFO footage and Bigfoot sightings, the video quality is… » 6/18/08 5:30pm 6/18/08 5:30pm

NeuScreen is a Nokia N95 'Multitouch' Screen Engine Project

Sittiphol Phanvilai, a developer on the Nokia forums, managed to rig up a "multitouch" engine using the N95. With the camera, an IR filter on the back, a light pen and a TV, he cobbles together a system that allows drawing. Since this is only one pen, it's not exactly multitouch, but it is a start that shows what the… » 6/13/08 1:50pm 6/13/08 1:50pm

Tiny Chinese N95 Clone Now Right Sized For Babies, Brian Lam

Besides the iPhone or maybe even the RAZR, Nokia's N95 has to be the most cloned cellphone in recent Chinese history (not counting the ridiculous copiers in the Tang dynasty). In this case, it's called the MM95 and it's about the length of a guy's finger and the width of two. (heh heh, wang) has more pics,… » 5/30/08 4:10pm 5/30/08 4:10pm

N95 8GB North American Version Coming Feb. 15?

According to MobilecityOnline, they're getting shipments of the North American 8GB Nokia N95 on February 15. Why's this notable? Because the North American Model includes support for our 3G, which is much better than not having support for our 3G. Pre-order now, but be aware that MCO has pushed their launch dates back… » 12/27/07 3:00pm 12/27/07 3:00pm

Nokia N95 Update Adds Nokia Music Store, Camera Tweaks

Nokia N95 owners may be happy with their 9 hour battery life on EDGE or their slightly shorter battery life on 3G, but the new firmware update allows them to do more than squint at tiny camwithher videos. With version 20.0.015, you'll get the Nokia Music Store Client, my Nokia SMS tips, a new Welcome application, and… » 11/26/07 3:55pm 11/26/07 3:55pm

Sling Player Now Available on Nokia N95

We knew it was just a matter of time before the HSDPA-enabled Nokia N95 would score itself a Series60 friendly Sling Player, and lo, here it is. As you can see in the gallery, you initially access commands through menus, but the trick is to set your favorite commands along with your favorite channels. In case you were… » 9/26/07 8:22pm 9/26/07 8:22pm

Hands On the Nokia N95i (The Black One) and the N95 US-Band Cellphone

Nokia is indeed releasing two N95 variants, probably in response to the happy anti-Apple smartphone league's joyous American reception of the pricey but powerful handset. Both of the new phones are flawed, but not for technical reasons. The N95i is the beautiful black model you saw on the FCC website, has a 2.8 inch… » 8/29/07 6:00am 8/29/07 6:00am

Black 8GB Nokia N95 Hits the FCC

The black US version of Nokia's N95 has hit the FCC, featuring 8GB of storage in addition to the new exterior. There's no mention of a 3G HSDPA connection, which it was rumored to have. We think there will in fact be a 3G connection on here, as there are links that point to in the filing and… » 8/20/07 11:17am 8/20/07 11:17am

Real Live Pictures of US Nokia N95

Symbian-Guru's all over the US N95 launch, this time bringing us a handful of up close snaps, confirming the body changes picked up from the flyer. The shutter slider has indeed been jettisoned, but now the camera is receded into the the back of the phone. They've also apparently raised the media keys and made a… » 8/13/07 7:35am 8/13/07 7:35am

More US 3G N95 Details: Bigger, Badder, Blacker

If Om's solid word wasn't solid enough for you, Symbian Guru got its hands on an official sales flyer (check it full size, post-jump) for the apparently AT&T-bound US version of the N95. Topping the list of improvements, the battery's been bumped up from 950 mAh to1200 mAh, so you'll be able to squeeze a bit more… » 8/10/07 7:46am 8/10/07 7:46am

Sprint's New Samsung Phones: What Difference Does $100 Make?

Today Sprint introduced a pair of thin, attractive Samsung phones, the Sprint Vision M300 and its big brother, the Sprint Power Vision M510. One buzzword was "colorful"—the M300 comes in dark silver or the above "misty rose red" while the M510 is available in hot pink with black accents and black with blue accents… » 5/16/07 4:42pm 5/16/07 4:42pm

Samsung SGH-i400 Smartphone: To Russia With Love

Russia has been chosen as the first port of call for Samsung's new smartphone, the SGH-i400. Launched at the S60 summit in Madrid this morning, the i400 is a follow-up to last year's i520, due to be launched over here sometime this quarter. It's a slider phone which uses Symbian's S60 operating system, which hopefully… » 4/25/07 7:07am 4/25/07 7:07am

Nokia N95 Interface Video: The Ins and Outs

I just took this UI video of Nokia's N95.

But, man, the wave of N95 coverage here and elsewhere, is slowing. Everyone says the beautiful phone is powerful, but too expensive for most to buy at $750. Many of you are left dreaming. » 4/13/07 10:10pm 4/13/07 10:10pm

FrankenHaiku: Nokia N95

In their initial press release, Nokia called their N95 "what computers have become." It wasn't just a new phone, or even a new smartphone. The N95 was the evolution of the computer. » 4/11/07 3:45pm 4/11/07 3:45pm