Android Running on a Nokia N95 Offers Lessons on Taking Video

By the looks of the following videos, someone has managed to get Android working on a Nokia n95 in one form or another. During the videos we can (sort of) see a dual boot Android / Symbian setup, Google maps running and a voice call being made. However, like most UFO footage and Bigfoot sightings, the video quality is… »6/18/08 5:30pm6/18/08 5:30pm

NeuScreen is a Nokia N95 'Multitouch' Screen Engine Project

Sittiphol Phanvilai, a developer on the Nokia forums, managed to rig up a "multitouch" engine using the N95. With the camera, an IR filter on the back, a light pen and a TV, he cobbles together a system that allows drawing. Since this is only one pen, it's not exactly multitouch, but it is a start that shows what the… »6/13/08 1:50pm6/13/08 1:50pm

Tiny Chinese N95 Clone Now Right Sized For Babies, Brian Lam

Besides the iPhone or maybe even the RAZR, Nokia's N95 has to be the most cloned cellphone in recent Chinese history (not counting the ridiculous copiers in the Tang dynasty). In this case, it's called the MM95 and it's about the length of a guy's finger and the width of two. (heh heh, wang) has more pics,… »5/30/08 4:10pm5/30/08 4:10pm

Hands On the Nokia N95i (The Black One) and the N95 US-Band Cellphone

Nokia is indeed releasing two N95 variants, probably in response to the happy anti-Apple smartphone league's joyous American reception of the pricey but powerful handset. Both of the new phones are flawed, but not for technical reasons. The N95i is the beautiful black model you saw on the FCC website, has a 2.8 inch… »8/29/07 6:00am8/29/07 6:00am

Sprint's New Samsung Phones: What Difference Does $100 Make?

Today Sprint introduced a pair of thin, attractive Samsung phones, the Sprint Vision M300 and its big brother, the Sprint Power Vision M510. One buzzword was "colorful"—the M300 comes in dark silver or the above "misty rose red" while the M510 is available in hot pink with black accents and black with blue accents… »5/16/07 4:42pm5/16/07 4:42pm