We Love You - Love Us? 2006 Bloggie Nominations Nearly Closed

We need you today. We don't often say things like that, seeing as how we're rugged, outdoorsy-type men, lumberjacks, really, with hearty laughs and broad chests. But we need you. Head on over to Bloggie Central and nominate your favorite blog—StuffOnMyCat.com. While you're there, maybe drop in a nomination for us? We… » 1/09/06 5:17pm 1/09/06 5:17pm

2006 Bloggie Nominations are Open - Let's Win this One for the Gipper!

Come on, people. Let's not drop the ball on this one. Those PUNKS over at BoingBoing and all those OTHER sites have been eating our lunch EVERY YEAR! Are we going to let them push us around? We're like Daniel-san and they're like that evil Cobra Kai karate club and we're going do the flying crane on their ass this… » 1/05/06 5:06pm 1/05/06 5:06pm