UK Police Set Weapons to Stun: Test Non-Lethal "Directed Energy" Gear

Actually, it's more like set to "ouch": a UK government report has revealed the police are testing out non-lethal weapons. These include low-powered lasers which hit a miscreant's skin and burn off the outer layer, "leaving them in agony, but with no permanent damage," which sounds lovely doesn't it?At least it won't… »9/08/08 9:15am9/08/08 9:15am

Fun with Pain Rays, Sound Cannons and Other Non-Lethal Weaponry

This week's New Yorker (yep, you heard me right) has a cool piece on the development of non-lethal weapons for military and police. You can tell the writer, Alec Wilkinson, had a good time reporting it. The story focuses on Charles Heal, a badass part-time Marine and part-time LA Sheriff's Department officer known in… »5/28/08 11:00am5/28/08 11:00am