The Pentagon's New Non-Lethal Mortars Seem Like a Very Good Idea

An estimated 174,000 civilians have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Who knows how many of these casualties could have been prevented if the United States and its allies were using deadly weapons, especially in dense urban areas. So it's great news that the Pentagon has developed a non-lethal mortar round. »12/11/14 5:52pm12/11/14 5:52pm


Israel Deploys Crowd Control Skunk Bomb for the First Time

It's a good day for non-lethal crowd control methods, but a bad day for their intended targets, as the Israeli Army has used the Skunk Bomb for the first time against Palestinian protesters in Naalin. The "bomb" is dispensed via a hose system, and the liquid is supposedly hard to wash off, even after repeated showers.… »9/21/08 6:00pm9/21/08 6:00pm

Democratic Convention Protestors Will Be Blasted With Ray Guns and Sticky Goo

If you're unhappy that Hillary Clinton lost the nomination to Barack Obama, you better think twice before showing your displeasure at next month's Democratic National Convention. According to CNN, the city of Denver is purchasing tons of high-tech weapons to use on unruly DNC protesters, which may include goo-guns… »7/07/08 1:17pm7/07/08 1:17pm