The New York Times Makes Writing iPhone Non-News Easy

The headline of today's NYT iPhone story was promising: "Hollywood Seeks Ways to Fit Its Content Into the Realm of the iPhone." On the heels of last week's GooTube-on-your-iPhone confirmation and coming from a legitimate newspaper (not, you know, a blog) it seemed like it might contain some actual, you know, news. Not… » 6/25/07 10:10am 6/25/07 10:10am

What's Changed in the iPhone's UI Since January? At Least 16 Things

With just a day to go before the WWDC and nineteen before the Second Coming, the thick fog of Apple-OCD is smothering the land. So I'm surprised it took this long for an Apple-juice-addled obsessive to compile a list of (fairly minor) UI changes made in the iPhone between its January debut and the… » 6/10/07 4:44pm 6/10/07 4:44pm

WWDC Banners, iPhone Ad Edit All Show Absolutely Nothing

Hey there. Can't wait for the show on Monday. WWDC 2007. The keynote will be at 10am, PST, on Monday the 11th. Here's a pre show edition of the Apple non-news.
WWDC banners show stars, moons, galaxies, even. But no Apple hardware. Like always.
•The mysterious 12th app pushing down the original 11th in the iPhone… » 6/07/07 12:52pm 6/07/07 12:52pm

Break Out the Fire Hoses: Only 4 Million iPhones Shipping This Year

Remember all the fun you had standing in line to get a Wii because Nintendo couldn't put them out fast enough? Sweet, because if you want an iPhone, you're going to get to do it all over again. » 6/02/07 11:05am 6/02/07 11:05am

Quanta Does Or Does Not Have Contract To Make First And/Or Second Gen…

The closer we get to the iPhone's launch (June 11th? June 20th? June 37th?), the more everybody gets excited over the smallest scraps of information pertaining to the Phone of Phones. Today's hot-and-heaviness surrounds the quasi-announcement that Quanta, would-be maker of the OLPC, is also the would-be maker of the… » 5/29/07 10:35am 5/29/07 10:35am

Mysterious Google iPhone Apps Still Un-Unveiled

Briar Dudley of the Seattle Times interviewed Glenn Lurie, AT&T President of National Distribution, about the Jesus Phone. The meat of the piece kinda sorta confirms that there are more unannounced iPhone apps, which we kinda sorta heard about during the Q2 earnings call. The Apps, specifically from Google, are… » 5/28/07 7:00pm 5/28/07 7:00pm

No iPhone Pre orders, Fanboy Riots to Ensue on Launch Day

According to this internal AT&T doc to sales reps, the iPhone will not be available for preorder. I predict lines of fanboys, much like at the PS3 launch day, with lots of crime and anarchy to go along with. Isn't this one case where preorders make a lot of sense? Just set those up without any expectation of delivery. » 5/14/07 4:44pm 5/14/07 4:44pm

Non-Fake iPhone Photos and Ballmer Blabber, Vol. 2

After some days on Larry's yacht, we have finally reached Kauai. Awesome. iPhone and I needed some time alone at Hanalei Bay. You know, chill out, eat tempura tofu, drink Margaritas, ride those glassy waves from time to time and watch the morning sun together. » 5/01/07 8:30pm 5/01/07 8:30pm

First Kitty Photo Taken With Not iPhone

Why is that dude is smiling? Is it because he's eating yummy toast? Is it because his hair is as silken as a Arabian stallion's mane? Maybe. But its also possible he's getting his mugshot taken by a shiny Apple iPhone — now uploaded to Flickr and found by internet stalker Mobile Guerilla after a month of searching. Is… » 4/29/07 3:27pm 4/29/07 3:27pm

iPhone Non-News: 100% Refreshing Chilled Alcohol and Lime Juice!

Yes, it's another round of iPhone Non-News, carefully collected from around the Web to keep you up to date with all the stuff that's happening with the Apple wonder that you should know about.

Or maybe you shouldn't. Actually I would say that some of the stuff is barely happening at all. In fact, nobody was that » 4/27/07 9:00am 4/27/07 9:00am

iPhone Non-News: Suits, Fake Wrist Watches and Non-Impact on Earnings

iPhone UI Cribbed for Watches: It was only a matter of time before someone stole the iPhone UI for a watch. Unfortunately, this product has a video page that says "coming soon" and has the Sony Ericsson Walkman UI on another screen. What we're seeing is a fake of a fake. This is why its non-news. I won't even dignify… » 4/25/07 4:15pm 4/25/07 4:15pm

iPhone Non-News of the Day

Oh, my God! I was watching the television, and this guy had a phone, and on the phone's screen were icons thatvaguely resembled the iPhone's user interface! It was like, for one moment, the hand of Jobs reached down and touched me. » 4/19/07 7:24pm 4/19/07 7:24pm

OK, so Cisco wants Apple iPhone users to be able to call Cisco corporate…