Nucleus Motorcycle Concept Would Be Interesting in a Wind Tunnel

I suppose it goes without saying, but the design team at Non-Object took all of the things we have learned about making motorcycles and threw them in the trash, pooped in the trash, then lit the can on fire when they came up with the "nUCLEUS"concept bike. But then again, they never intended for the design to be taken… »5/08/08 10:00pm5/08/08 10:00pm

Nonobject Two-Way Camera Shows Us What We Can't Control

We've shown you some of Branko Lukic's "Nonobjects" before, including the touchless cellphone and those unique pebbles of electronic awesomeness. The latest concept from this man's fertile mind is the Behind The Scenes camera, with lenses and displays on both sides for simultaneously recording what you're aiming at,… »12/19/07 12:15pm12/19/07 12:15pm