Distro.fm Could Revolutionize Music with Artist Subscriptions

It's an idea that's been kicking around for years - that maybe people don't want to subscribe to music in general. Maybe, in cases of extreme fandom, they want to subscribe directly to the artists they love, without all of the layers of record labels, distributors, online music stores, and so on. The fan pays, the fan… »5/14/12 2:00pm5/14/12 2:00pm


IBM to Monitor the Hudson River with Solar-Powered Underwater Vehicles

IBM is gathering some goodwill points by partnering up with a nonprofit to help monitor a 315-mile stretch of the Hudson River. They're going to be using a combination of sensor-laden buoys and solar-powered robotic underwater vehicles numbering in the hundreds. The vehicle, which sort of looks like a yellow sting ray… »9/12/07 2:40pm9/12/07 2:40pm