Chinese noodle chef tries to hook customers using opium poppy shells

The South China Morning Post reports on a noodle shop chef who was secretly adding opium poppy shells used for the creation of opium and heroin. His hope was that the ingredient would make customers addicted to his food but, while the ingredient triggered a drug positive, it only landed him in jail. » 9/30/14 8:35pm 9/30/14 8:35pm

Watching a master chef make noodles by hand is absolutely mesmerizing

I'm not sure if this is considered just cooking or if it can be classified as high art or even a musical performance but whatever it is, it's an absolute joy to watch. What you're seeing is soba master Tatsuru Rai, owner and chef of Sobatei Rakuichi in Niseko, Hokkaido, making his soba noodles in complete silence. » 9/09/14 1:27am 9/09/14 1:27am

This Ramen Is Made By a Machine That Takes Up The Length of a Room

A noodle is a noodle is a noodle—right? No way, dude. Though the ingredients are few, the process to make ramen is nuanced. It can (obviously) be done by hand, but Sun Noodle HQ has the help of a long machine that mixes dough into balls, flattens it into sheets, rolls it like toilet paper, and cuts it into all… » 7/16/14 6:16pm 7/16/14 6:16pm

You've Been Using Your Keurig Coffee Machine Wrong All Along

Everyone except coffee snobs who hate themselves appreciate the convenience and enormous carbon footprint of the Keurig coffee machine. Just press a button—it's like Star Trek, sort of! But more importantly, it's perfect for ramen. Everything changes. » 3/14/13 3:43pm 3/14/13 3:43pm

The Humble Origins of Instant Ramen: From Ending World Hunger to Space…

About 4,000 of the 5,000 terrible cliches about instant ramen begin with starving college students. As Karen Leibowitz explains in Lucky Peach, Momofuku Ando didn't aim to stuff hungry co-eds with his creation—he wanted to end world hunger. » 6/22/11 1:00pm 6/22/11 1:00pm

Meet Japan's Robot Ramen Chefs

Nagoya's FuA-Men (Fully Automated raMen) restaurant features two assembly line style chef and assistant robots that can dish out 80 bowls of noodles a day. » 8/05/09 2:30am 8/05/09 2:30am

Bandai's Somen-Making Noodleslide Is the Most Fun You Could Possibly…

I like to imagine this Bandai Noodle-maker/slide helped turn this family from dysfunctional and unhappy, to loving and close-knit. Do you see how much fun they're having watching their dinner fall 18-inches in dramatic fashion? » 4/20/09 8:30pm 4/20/09 8:30pm

Smallest Ramen Bowl in the World

According to legend, University of Tokyo professor Masayuki Nakao was bitten by a radioactive ramen bowl when he was a kid, which gave him the ability to spit 1-micron-wide bowls made out of silicon—full of dozens of 20-nanometer-think carbon noodles floating in an ethanol soup—at supersonic speeds. Or maybe he did… » 5/29/08 9:30am 5/29/08 9:30am

Japanese Rube Goldberg Machine Makes Ramen in Six Long Minutes

While this bowl of Ramen may not be instant &mdash just the way Adam Frucci likes 'em &mdash its creation is utterly, butterly wonderful, if a tad long-winded. Six minutes in the making, this Japanese Rube Goldberg-esque machine uses skittles, model cars and what looks like miniature junk sails to make a bowl of… » 10/22/07 6:27am 10/22/07 6:27am

Ramen Noodle Cup Timer

Because I am a poor, malnourished student, I have become one with the ramen noodles. Unfortunately I burn the hell out of my mouth because I am so eager to feed my mouth with scorching hot noodles. This ramen noodle cup timer is really just a basic timer. Dump the boiling water into the cup of noodles and place on the… » 12/29/06 12:47pm 12/29/06 12:47pm

Japanese Ramen Timer Cap

If you're like us, when you make Cup O' Noodles, you're either digging in way too early, which makes for a hard, bleachy feel, or way too late, which makes the noodles too soggy. » 6/23/06 8:05pm 6/23/06 8:05pm

Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks For You, Mr. Lazy

Ever been at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant and wonder why the hell you have to deal with a seperate dish for your sauce or wasabi? I mean, this is America, so my sauce isn't dealing with any of that Commie BS, thank you very much. Well, we've got an out: Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks. Throw your duck sauce in one,… » 12/27/05 8:26am 12/27/05 8:26am