Nook Simple Touch Reader Impressions: Your Hands Will Love It

The Nook Simple Touch Reader can rest comfortably in your hand for hours on end. It's noticeably lighter than the Kindle, and the contoured back coupled with the rubberized matte finish gives you a good grip. More hands-on impressions ahead: » 5/24/11 12:11pm 5/24/11 12:11pm

The New Barnes and Noble Nook: The Cheap Kindle Has a Challenger

Barnes and Noble's new, second-gen Nook isn't a bigger, iPad-sized device. Nor is it a hybrid reader with dual, E-Ink and LCD screens. Instead, it's a small, cheap E-Reader...with a touchscreen and a battery that lasts TWO MONTHS on a single charge. Updating live... » 5/24/11 10:11am 5/24/11 10:11am

Demand For The Nook Is Pushing Pre-Orders Into December

If you were thinking about grabbing the Nook for the holidays, you had better make up your mind soon. High demand for the e-reader is pushing the second wave of pre-orders into the first week of December. » 11/09/09 11:21am 11/09/09 11:21am