Adorable Justice League Watches Grant You the Power of Punctuality

Unless being late to a dinner date is a felony, Nooka's new line of DC Comics-themed watches won't give you any crime-fighting powers. What they will give you is the ability to show off your allegiance to one of five different DC universe characters including Superman, The Flash, Batman, The Green Lantern, and Wonder… »4/10/14 11:20am4/10/14 11:20am


Nooka: The Not-So-Intuitive, But-Still-Cool-Looking Clock

Clocks that tell time in fascinating new ways are everywhere. I saw a clock that lit up the quarter hour the other day. It was beautiful. The Nooka app based upon their watches falls into the beautiful timepiece category. It won't replace your regular clock, but it will make checking the time a more invigorating… »2/06/12 6:00pm2/06/12 6:00pm

Creatures-of-the-Night Nooka Watches Have Camouflage, May Not Disappear on Your Wrist

Latest in the lineup of unusual Nooka watches from designer Mark Waldman comes Creatures-of-the-Night, in camouflage patterns that make reading the time off the Zen-H style face even more befuddling. The watch was originally only going to come in boring old urban gray. But Mark couldn't contain himself, and also went… »1/14/08 7:38am1/14/08 7:38am

Nooka Zirc Watch: Coming Soon (to Kanye's House)

Who doesn't love an artistically offbeat way of telling time—and telling your friends exactly how cool you are? Zirc is the first new watch from Nooka since 2005. Its elongated rectangular frame is meant to be worn up the arm a bit, held by a metal mesh or colored band. Nooka replaced the old rectangular hour-counting… »11/21/07 9:42am11/21/07 9:42am