Everyone on the Internet Had the Same Joke About Finding Water on Mars

Everybody is so excited because NASA has confirmed that there is water on Mars. Really, no kidding, it is flowing right now somewhere on the Red Planet. The hilarious internet reacted to this important scientific news immediately, flooding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, Sina Weibo, and so on with witty images,… »9/29/15 4:30pm9/29/15 4:30pm

Protect Against Sneaky Webcam Spies With This Little Pair of Magnets

I have had a teensy, torn bit of paper taped over the camera of my MacBook Air for years now because even before I knew the FBI could activate that thing without the indicator light, it always bugged me out that someone might be secretly snooping. The teensy, torn bit of paper looks janky as hell, but it works. … »9/26/14 8:05pm9/26/14 8:05pm