This Flyover Shows What Apple's New HQ Will Look Like From the Air

We have a pretty good idea of what Apple's forthcoming headquarters might look like, thanks to all the glimmering renderings. But the 3D visualization company Technology Integration Services Inc. just published a video of what the office will look like as you're flying over it—and it's even cooler in motion. »6/19/14 3:42pm6/19/14 3:42pm

Vegas Is Tearing Down This Empty Hotel That Never Opened

If you've visited Vegas anytime since 2009, you've likely seen the empty hotel. It doesn't have any signage; instead, it is often swaddled in ads, like the world's priciest billboard—a bloated Cirque du Soleil-wrapped blue whale hovering over the Strip for four lonely years. Now a court ruling is finally putting the… »5/08/14 4:41pm5/08/14 4:41pm

World's Biggest Building Coming To Moscow: Looks Like It Will Be Christmas Year-Round

Christmas may be over, but if designer Sir Norman Foster has his way, everyone in Moscow will be staring at a 1500-ft-tall, 27 million square foot, $4 billion dollar Christmas tree every day of the year. The structure, dubbed "Crystal Island," is being described as a "city within a building" and will feature 900… »12/26/07 6:00pm12/26/07 6:00pm