Apple, RIM, Microsoft and Friends Allowed to Buy Nortel Patents

After collectively bidding on Nortel's 6,000 wireless patents, Apple, RIM, Microsoft, Sony, Ericsson and EMC have been cleared by US courts and allowed to buy them for $4.5 billion. [Reuters] » 7/12/11 8:00am 7/12/11 8:00am

A Look at the Zany Math-Based Bids Google Made While Failing to Buy…

When Apple, Microsoft, Google and others started bidding on a treasure trove of Nortel wireless patents this past week, the search giant from California made a series of, well, unconventional bids that had observers mystified. » 7/03/11 10:00am 7/03/11 10:00am

Apple and RIM Have Bought Nortel's 4G, LTE and Wireless Patents

After a furious bidding process that saw Google and Intel's hopes crushed, Apple, RIM, Microsoft, Sony, EMC and Ericsson scooped up Nortel's patents for $4.5 billion. The 6,000 patents span wireless, data networking, 4G and internet, and while we don't know what the bevy of tech companies plan on doing with them, it's… » 7/01/11 3:50am 7/01/11 3:50am