11 Nostalgic Gifts For The Lumbersexual Outdoorsman

Many new things suddenly look old again. Especially outdoors, where many brands have been resurrecting the simple designs and bold colors of the 1970s and 1980s and applied them to modern technology. Here's 11 gifts that look old, but work like new. » 12/18/14 11:33am 12/18/14 11:33am

I Exercised Future-Style and You Can Too

The future is fit, and our Home of the Future is stuffed to the gills with high-tech workout gear for all four seasons. It seemed only right to spend some time getting physical and fit in the present. » 5/21/14 2:41pm 5/21/14 2:41pm

This Runner's Jacket Inflates To Cool You Down

The folks over at Gear Junkie got a chance to visit the product development lab at North Face's new headquarters in Alameda, California, and one of the many new innovations they were shown was this wonderful runner's jacket that uses a clever ventilation system to cool you down. » 10/24/13 4:00pm 10/24/13 4:00pm

Beat the Blizzard With This Warm-Ass Coat

Hunker down, everyone. There's a MASSIVE BLIZZARD heading for the northeast and you're all going to die. Or at least you're going to need a very warm coat, like the North Face Himalayan Down Parka. » 2/07/13 5:00pm 2/07/13 5:00pm

Can a Backpack Be Chic?

When Eric Rothenhaus landed a gig as director of design at JanSport five years ago, he wanted to make an impression. He would do it by re-creating, down to the seat-belt straps, the very first JanSport backpack (and the first-ever backpack with a zipper) introduced in 1969. Problem: There were no sketches, patterns or… » 3/09/12 2:00pm 3/09/12 2:00pm

North Face's New ThermoBall Jacket: It's Better than Down

Down jackets are the de facto standard of winter clothing. They're light, flexible, warm and so far, no one's been able to make something better. Well, until now. North Face might've just made a jacket that's better than down. It's called ThermoBall. » 11/15/11 8:27pm 11/15/11 8:27pm

North Face Makes a Laptop Backpack You Won't Be Embarrassed to Use

As an unapologetic North Face fanboy and user of a few Apple products, I just spent a considerable amount of time coveting this backpack, which has padded compartments galore to store MacBooks, iPads and every other item in between. » 4/12/11 3:20pm 4/12/11 3:20pm

The North Face iPod Jackets Have Controls on the Sleeve

We've seen plenty of iPod jackets for snow sports, but this set from The North Face has a controller on the sleeve. [BackCountry via CrunchGear] » 12/15/09 2:55pm 12/15/09 2:55pm

The Amazing Multi-function Absolute Outdoor Essentials

According to the packaging, this outdoor essential product can be used as a ladle, toothbrush, toothpick, pen, shovel, paddle, torch, fishing rod, firewood, weapon, back scratcher, and wrist splint. Totally free! And they got toilet paper that can whistle too! » 10/08/09 1:20pm 10/08/09 1:20pm

North Face To World: Our Jackets are Cool but Our Tents are Hot, Hot,…

The North Face means a lot to me. On weekends here in Philadelphia when I walk up to University City to UPenn and Drexel, I see every kid around me (including myself) wearing a North Face "Denali" or some other kind of North Face coat. We wear them because of one reason: They keep you warm. Real warm. So when people… » 11/07/05 1:50pm 11/07/05 1:50pm