Giz's Snowmodo Reader Meetup: Saturday, April 4th, Northstar at Tahoe

Our Snowmodo meetup in Tahoe, CA is on Saturday, chock with snow, gadgets and fun for everyone — even if you can't ski or snowboard. Here's everything you need to know about coming. » 4/03/09 4:59pm 4/03/09 4:59pm

Zune Party Featuring Morgan Page at Snowmodo

Grammy nominated DJ/Producer Morgan Page will be playing the Zune party at Snowmodo this Saturday at Northstar-at-Tahoe. Not enough to excite you? How about custom Snowmodo Zunes or our Official Snowmodo Soundtrack... » 4/02/09 5:19pm 4/02/09 5:19pm


Snowmodo Event Information. Once in lifetime chance opportunity with only little money spread needed for rewarding investment return. INFORMATION » 4/01/09 4:55pm 4/01/09 4:55pm

The Prizes at Snowmodo

We have an absurd amount of prizes to give away at our Snowmodo event on Saturday April 4th at Northstar, so if you're planning on attending you'll have a very good chance of winning something. » 3/31/09 3:59pm 3/31/09 3:59pm

Save on Northstar Lodging for Snowmodo

Northstar-at-Tahoe has provided Gizmodo with a coupon code that will save you up to 30% on lodging booked for our Snowmodo event. So come up early, stay at Northstar and grab a drink with us. » 3/24/09 6:15pm 3/24/09 6:15pm

Two Weeks Before the Snowmodo Reader Meetup

Whoa, our Snowmodo Event is only two weeks away! If our already impressive list of company attendance and planned events wasn't enough to get you excited our announcements next week should grab your attention. » 3/20/09 5:57pm 3/20/09 5:57pm

Snowmodo Reader Meet Up: RSVP Now for Event and Bus

Our Snowmodo meetup at Northstar-at-Tahoe is only a month away, so we hope you're already planning your trip. If you haven't made plans yet, RSVPing for the event and a ride is a great start. » 3/03/09 5:20pm 3/03/09 5:20pm

Snowmodo Reader Meetup: Who Needs A Ride?

To make our Snowmodo meetup at Northstar-at-Tahoe accessible to everyone, we need to arrange a carpool or bus. So we ask you guys, who needs a ride and how can we make it happen? » 2/20/09 7:25pm 2/20/09 7:25pm

Snowmodo Reader Meetup: RSVP Now

Have you heard? We're throwing a Snowmodo meetup at Northstar-at-Tahoe on April 4. Aside from skiing and boarding you'll demo/win cool products, party with us on Zune's behalf, and receive great weekend discounts at Northstar. » 2/13/09 6:59pm 2/13/09 6:59pm

Snowmodo Reader Meetup: Which Companies Should We Invite?

We've already got a few great companies lined up but we wanted ask you guys, what products or companies would you like to see at Snowmodo? » 2/03/09 8:20pm 2/03/09 8:20pm