Relive All of Your Favorite Retro Computer Reboots on One Website

Remember a time when every single software update you made to your computer's OS or applications required a complete reboot of the system? Computers are still far from perfect, but over at The Restart Page you can relive those annoying and constant operating system restarts of yesteryear, and appreciate how far things… » 4/16/14 3:00pm Yesterday 3:00pm

This neat animation makes me miss my childhood gadgets so much

Here is some guaranteed nostalgia for you. Follow the life of a Game Boy in this wonderful animation: watch it get assembled in a factory and packaged for an excited kid and see it get played by youthful thumbs and then eventually be tossed away by a teenager. It's every toy's story. Throughout its journey you'll see… » 4/02/14 9:14pm 4/02/14 9:14pm

Adult-sized child made a street legal Little Tikes Car that goes 70mph

Do you know what the most disappointing thing about being an adult is? It's not the slow metabolism or the achy joints or the plateau of growth, it's the fact that we're all failures to our childhood selves. We don't eat candy, we don't play with toys and we drive responsible vehicles. Not John Bitmead though, he's the … » 1/31/14 8:32pm 1/31/14 8:32pm

Seeing every single Nintendo NES video game start screen is so fun

Wow. NicksplosionFX just created a time machine of emotions by stitching together every single—yes, every single—original Nintendo NES video game start screen in one epic video. The whole shabang lasts 3 hours and goes in alphabetical order and has so many memorable beeps and boops that you can't help but feel like a… » 1/22/14 9:32pm 1/22/14 9:32pm

Traveling in a Boeing 747 in the 1970s was pretty damn awesome

Air travel did have a Golden Age. There was more space, classier interiors and bolder designs. You don't even have to go back to the 50s and 60s to see that. Here are some of the actual cabin interiors for the Boeing 747s in the 1970s. They are awesome. » 1/20/14 7:54am 1/20/14 7:54am

Give Your Browser Some Serious Nostalgia With These Emulator Websites

Want to stroll down virtual memory lane? You could futz around with classic software on a virtual machine or rummage through yard sales for a working model of your first computer. Or, you could cruise the classic Windows and Mac OS emulator sites found by Ars Technica. Which sounds a hell of a lot easier. » 1/18/14 9:00am 1/18/14 9:00am

What London looked like in 1927 and 2013, side-by-side

The old town of London never changes. Or at least, it changes very, very little. Just watch this side-by-side footage showing life in 1927 London and life in 2013 London to see how much the city has stayed the same. And sure, the streets might have slightly newer cars on them with street lights and freshly painted… » 1/13/14 7:30pm 1/13/14 7:30pm

Everything you didn't notice about Back to the Future

Usually, CinemaSins makes a hilarious video pointing out all the goofy errors and everything wrong with a popular movie and we all get a good laugh out of it. But when it comes to a classic like Back to the Future, well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that masterpiece of cinema! Not Doc Brown's science, not the … » 11/14/13 10:20pm 11/14/13 10:20pm

Watch 75 years of title sequences from 234 different animated movies

Irina Neustroeva made this incredible video that mashes up 75 years of opening title sequence for animated movies. There's 234 films here including all your favorites like Toy Story, The Lion King, Shrek but also a lot of lesser known flicks and completely forgotten animated movies too. » 10/31/13 10:12pm 10/31/13 10:12pm

A Love Letter to My First Four Phones

Last month was spent in a state of upheaval. After seven years in New York I was heading back to the opposite coast, which had led me to go though the hundreds of pounds of accumulated junk one accidentally collects in boxes over the years. » 9/22/13 11:00am 9/22/13 11:00am

If You Could Turn Back the Clock on Tech, What Year Would You Choose?

The Toronto Sun has the story of a Canadian family so fed up with modern technology that they've reverted back to 1986. And that goes for everything — they've ditched their smartphones and closed their social media accounts. They're listening to audio cassettes, using fax machines, and even wearing their hair in… » 9/10/13 6:17pm 9/10/13 6:17pm

Watching This Video Will Make You Happy with 1990 Nostalgia

When you look back in time, it's easy to forget what exactly happened when. Things sort of just blend together. Luckily we have YouTube videos to do our remembering for us now. Remember Videos just created a video about 1990 that shows off all that happened in pop culture back then, think Windows 3.0 Back to the Future … » 6/20/13 9:00pm 6/20/13 9:00pm

10 Terrible Tech Frustrations My Toddler Will Never Have

When I was growing up, my parents would tell me about all the ancient technologies they had to use in their youth. Whether it was a car with a manual choke, a phone that required you to ask an operator to connect you, or a record player with a hand crank, mom and dad experienced a ton of tech frustrations I would never … » 4/23/13 1:00pm 4/23/13 1:00pm

This 8-Bit Video Will Make You Miss Your Childhood in the 90's

It's every generation's responsibility to grow old and become cranky at the next generation while talking about how growing up back then was so much more fun than growing up today. THESE KIDS KNOW NOTHING. All they do is stare at iPads and play crappy games by swiping on giant phones. At least we 90's kids stared at… » 4/22/13 7:30pm 4/22/13 7:30pm

This Incredible Orgy of '80s Nostalgia Will Melt Your Brain

A year or so ago we posted a video by Smash TV called Skinemax. It's was an incredible supercut of everything 1990s. Smash TV's newest joint is called Memorex, and it's all big hair, crappy video effects, and oh my God I haven't thought about that commercial in decades! » 1/17/13 9:00pm 1/17/13 9:00pm