How to Read Giz Without iPhone or Apple Postings

Today and tomorrow are going to be crazy in the Apple and iPhone departments, and Giz is going to be up to our armpits in it, covering the news. For some of you out there, that might not be what you're after. So, to avoid Apple and iPhone-related posts here on Giz, there's an escape button... just press HERE. Bookmark… » 7/10/08 9:15am 7/10/08 9:15am

How To Avoid the Upcoming Onslaught of iPhone/Apple Coverage

Unless you've been in a coma for the last 2 months, discovered technology yesterday, or are just plain dumb, you've heard the iPhone 3G is coming out on Friday. We know some of you could care less about the nuanced intricacies of the iPhone, but it shouldn't be any shock that will be the focus of Gizmodo for the next… » 7/08/08 6:00pm 7/08/08 6:00pm

iCondom Perfectly Fits Your Other Turtleneck

iCondom's spokesperson Steve Jones says that they have spent four years creating their magic condom, making it the "most perfect condom on the planet," which "will revolutionize the way you make love," and "opens a new era in the history of safe sex." It looks like the perfect complement for my iPhone, iMac, MacBook… » 5/22/08 1:20pm 5/22/08 1:20pm