KEF Picoforte 1 Digital Component Audio System Pwns Other iPod Docks

If this KEF Picoforte 1 Digital Component Audio System sounds even half as good as its full-sized KEF big brothers, you're in for a treat. Continuing KEF's tradition of flying-saucer-like design, this iPod dock is modern-looking without going so far as imitating alien heads. Composed of a couple of six-inch KEF 1001… » 7/24/07 11:04am 7/24/07 11:04am

KVH Global Satellite Broadband Makes Wallets Cry

How important is your broadband access? If you were, say, heading out to the high seas for a few months, how much would you pay for a 2Mbps connection in the middle of the ocean? A few hundred bucks, perhaps, just so you had access to BitTorrent and could download movies for your lonely nights at sea? You wish. » 7/13/07 11:15am 7/13/07 11:15am