Water Bar: Just Looking at It Makes Me Want to Take a Leak

Imagine drinking copious amounts of alcohol, all while staring at this "waterfall" optical glass bar designed by Tokujin Yoshioka. You would be heading to the bathroom every 15 minutes. In reality though, no actual water is used. The effect is created using an optical glass block that is crafted in such a way that it… » 12/28/07 5:20pm 12/28/07 5:20pm

This is Way Better than a Treehouse

No matter where you are on this planet, you will find throngs of people longing to get loaded—and they will often go to great lengths to do it. Case in point is this bar built inside a 72ft Baobab tree in Limpopo, South Africa. When Baobab trees reach 1,000 years old they begin to hollow naturally. This particular… » 12/20/07 8:20pm 12/20/07 8:20pm