Quotebook for iPhone

A good quote deserves to be remembered, and Quotebook is designed to do just that: it's a simple, elegant way to archive those scraps of language you know might be worth revisiting down the line. » 4/15/11 6:00pm 4/15/11 6:00pm

What is it?

Quotebook, $2, iPhone. There's not a whole lot to it: it's a notebook for quotes. A quotebook.… » 4/15/11 6:00pm 4/15/11 6:00pm

Evernote For iOS Gets a Complete Makeover

Evernote, many a note-junkie's powertool for keeping things in order, just reworked its iOS app from top to bottom. Which is good! Evernote's always been so packed with features that their smaller-device interfaces tended to come off a bit overwhelming. The highlights of the new design: a new home screen with an… » 3/01/11 11:26am 3/01/11 11:26am