Leaked Windows Phone Screenshots Finally Show a Notification Center

Windows Phone 8 is pretty, and there's a lot of things to like about it. But for every one of those there's also a glaring absence. Hopefully one of those is soon to disappear, leaked screenshots of an internal build of the OS shows that there's finally a notification center, presumably coming soon. » 6/08/13 9:15am 6/08/13 9:15am

Hiss: Get Your Growl Alerts in Mountain Lion's Notification Center

OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center looks incredible. So good, in fact, that we've been wondering what's going to happen to Growl notifications in the future. Some crafty developers have presented one answer to that question with Hiss, a program that integrates the latter utility into the former. » 2/20/12 7:00pm 2/20/12 7:00pm