Novatel Ovation MC760 Is World's Smallest USB EVDO Modem

We've been loving Sierra's U597 EVDO card » 11/10/08 9:14am 11/10/08 9:14am for a while because the form factor is so damn tight, but it looks like they just got one-upped (downed?) by Novatel, whose Ovation MC760 Micro Modem is the world's smallest EVDO Rev. USB modem. It's got onboard GPS, an integrated microSD slot, and a dual band antenna system…

Sprint Novatel EX720 EV-DO ExpressCard Now Comes With PC Card Adapter

While we USB is our interface of choice for 3G laptop cards, 'cause it'll work on anything and we switch laptops a lot, some people might still wanna leave a USB port free and fill up a standard PCMCIA slot instead. So Novatel's EX720 Rev-A ExpressCard for Sprint, one of the first Rev. A ExpressCards, has been… » 10/18/08 3:15pm 10/18/08 3:15pm

Best MacBook Air 3G USB Modem Novatel U727 for Sprint?

The MacBook Air's single USB port is a finicky, tight fit, and lots of stuff—like a lot of 3G modems—just can't squeeze into the space, which is a big deal for mobile-focused notebook. Om Malik had already ordered his Air before that revelation came out, so he tried to make do with Novatel's U727 USB modem for… » 2/05/08 8:30pm 2/05/08 8:30pm

Novatel MC727 USB EV-DO Modem, World's Smallest, Has MicroSD Slot

Now you can hook up to wireless broadband cellular service with this Novatel Wireless Ovation MC727, the world's smallest EV-DO Rev. A USB modem that's soon to be available on both Sprint and Verizon. Besides just being small, this one adds an extra twist: It has a microSD flash memory slot, letting you slip in one of… » 9/27/07 4:50pm 9/27/07 4:50pm

Novatel Merlin S720: First Super Speedy Sprint EVDO Revision A. Card

See that? That's the data equivalent of a Playboy centerfold. Soak it up, nerds. Last week we reported that the first EVDO revision A card from Sprint was leaking into the marketplace. Today, the veil has been lifted, and this fast lady's been made official. If you haven't been keeping up, both Verizon and Sprint are… » 8/29/06 1:22pm 8/29/06 1:22pm