Spaceship Cellphone Makes All Your Calls a Blast

Step aside G1 »10/16/08 10:30pm10/16/08 10:30pm, out of the way , I think I've found my cellular of choice. This little gem of a communication device was discovered by Brian and I in a gadget shop in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay. Written on the side of the phone was “Shenzhou VII,” the name of . Blam wanted to get it right away, but the shop owner asked…

Dad's Cab Family Taxi Meter Will Make Your Children Cringe

The Dad's Cab Meter is a fake taxi fare counter for parental chauffeurs, made so they can guilt/embarrass their ingrate children into doing chores for them. The meter incrementally increases the pretend fare and comes with a stack of fare receipts that have chores the kids can do as payment (har har har). It's kinda… »8/28/08 9:59pm8/28/08 9:59pm