Camel Cigarette Phone Probably Won't Fool Anyone

If you were of the 598 landline-only Giz readers, you should probably hide your embarrassing lack of technology. This $49 touchtone phone disguises your relic as a pack of death sticks. It looks accurate, but your bluff will probably be called when people notice that it's connected to the wall or remember you don't… » 2/27/08 2:20pm 2/27/08 2:20pm

Jet-Ski Phone Guaranteed to Press the Buttons of '80s Freaks

This Jet Ski-shaped phone is, I fear, the Reebok Jazz aerobic shoe of the telephone world. Just look at those colors. Does it come with a matching bag for you to put your gym gear in? Let's hope so, because it'll come in handy for your girlfriend when she decides to move out, taking everything you own with her—… » 2/26/08 11:00am 2/26/08 11:00am