Now Available: 2014 HTC One

HTC's newly-revamped One is a flagship phone with some nice updates to its already sleek design. It's also a brainy barnstormer with some crazy cool camera tech that could be the future of mobile photography. It's available now for $200 on-contract from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon (sorry T-Mobile, yours won't arrive til… » 3/28/14 6:30pm 3/28/14 6:30pm

Now Available: Bamboo Back for Moto X

Moto X's customizability was a big selling feature when the phone rolled out. But arguably the most recognizable feature, the bamboo back plate, wasn't available at launch. It finally arrived this week, to the joy of people who want their phones to resemble a Chris Craft boat. » 12/20/13 6:40pm 12/20/13 6:40pm

Now Available: Steelcase's Smart New Office Chair, Two Fujifilm Cams

While you were busy imitating a real-life GIF of someone continuously stuffing their face with Thanksgiving feast food, Steelcase and Fujifilm were rolling out a few smart new products. Check them out while you languish in the throes of food coma. » 11/29/13 6:30pm 11/29/13 6:30pm

Now Available: Retina iPad Mini, Chromebook C720, New Phones

Holy cow, it's already dark out. And depending where you are, probably cold. Everything we've got for you this week has a glowing screen. Which might not physically warm you, but you could at least pretend you're getting some Vitamin D out of the deal. » 11/15/13 7:00pm 11/15/13 7:00pm

Now Available: Galaxy S4 Zoom, Lumia 1520, Nook GlowLight, More

Why be normal? That's the question seemingly posed by this week's latest offerings. We've got two phones that buck size trends, an e-reader that flouts normal dimensions, and a phone speaker dock thing that just ... well, you'll see. » 11/08/13 7:00pm 11/08/13 7:00pm

Now Available: iPad Air, Nest Protect, Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Another week done, another bunch of gadgets to ogle. Today's big news was the iPad Air, but that's not the only gizmo game in town. Here's what you can get your grubby, sticky-from-Halloween-candy hands on. » 11/01/13 7:40pm 11/01/13 7:40pm

Now Available: Microsoft Surfaces, Dropcam Pro, Anki DRIVE, More

Another week is in the books. Whether you were hard at work, or busy finding YouTube videos to distract you 'til the weekend, the fine folks of the gizmo and gadget industry were hard at work making sure you've got lots of creative ways to blow all that money you earned. Here's the best of what hit the markets this… » 10/25/13 6:40pm 10/25/13 6:40pm

Now Available: Kindle Fire HDX, Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, Sony Xperia Z1, More

Like some kind of six-months-delayed springtime thaw, or an ominous but perplexing metaphor for global warming, summer's trickle of new gadgets has turned into a gushing waterfall. But don't tread those swift waters alone. Let us be your earthy, outdoorsy guide. » 10/18/13 6:40pm 10/18/13 6:40pm

Now Available: New Kindle Paperwhite, Fitbit Force, SoundTouch, More

Despite the government being shut down, this week brought us a bevy of new gizmos to play with. I'll leave it up to you to determine whether that's some kind of evidence that the mere existence of government hinders the rollout of electronic devices — for now, we talk about gadgets! » 10/11/13 6:20pm 10/11/13 6:20pm

Now Availabe: GoPro Hero 3+, Libratone Loop, Windows 8.1 and More

Hear that? It's the weekend, barreling down the tracks of time. Let's stop that metaphor right there before we all start reflecting on the meaning of existence, and instead focus on the gadgets that went on sale this week! From the new to the newly-revamped to the somewhat puzzling, this week brought plenty of gizmos… » 10/04/13 6:20pm 10/04/13 6:20pm

Now Available: Marshall Mini Speaker, Kindle Fire HD, Surface 2 & More

It's hard keeping track of all the new goodness that goes on sale every week. That's why we're doing it for you. Here are all toys you can finally spend your hard-earned money on—or maybe just put on your wish list. » 9/27/13 6:40pm 9/27/13 6:40pm

You Can Use Digg Reader Now

Just in time! On the weekend before Google Reader is set to mercilessly kill itself off, Digg Reader has opened its arms to everyone. After being in beta, Digg Reader is ready for public release. It's a simple process. Just head here. Link up your Google account and Digg Reader will show everything you had in Google… » 6/28/13 11:40pm 6/28/13 11:40pm

Finally! A Solar Tree That Can Charge Your iPhone

It only took few years and a few fascinating if controversial breakthroughs in solar power. Now, thanks to designer Vivien Muller, you can finally have a decorative-houseplant-cum-solar charger for your iPhone right on your desk. Just give it plenty of light. » 9/19/11 3:20pm 9/19/11 3:20pm

Vuzix Wrap 1200 3D: Hopefully Not Just a Really Belated Virtual Boy…

3D glasses are lame. Glassessless-3D phones can be abominations. But a pair of glasses that simulate strapping a 75-inch 3D-capable screen to your face? Mmmmmmmaybe. » 8/11/11 12:43pm 8/11/11 12:43pm