iPhone Passes the RAZR to Become Best Selling Phone in the US This Quarter

Just days after supplanting the BlackBerry »11/10/08 1:13pm11/10/08 1:13pm in customer satisfaction among business wireless smartphone users, Apple's iPhone has taken down another cellphone icon, Motorola's Razr, in terms of total sales for the quarter. According to NPD (the leading wireless research firm) the iPhone outsold the Razr in the…

Study: Average Mac Computer Price More That Twice That of Average PC

Fanboys, get your commenting fingers warmed up. A new study shows that, on average, the cost of a Windows PC is half that of an Apple computer. According to data collected by the NPD group, the average Windows notebook goes for $700, while the average Apple laptop costs above $1,500, dropping a mere $59 in the last… »8/06/08 2:15pm8/06/08 2:15pm

Ars: iTunes #1 Music Retailer in January (Debunkers Be Hanged)

Citing NPD data and internal Apple sources, Ars Technica declared iTunes the #1 music retailer in January, besting Wal-Mart for the first time, along with Best Buy, Amazon and others. Debunkers have claimed that this is only because of gift-card redemption but Ars' Eric Bangeman updated his piece, calling BS on the BS… »4/03/08 10:25am4/03/08 10:25am

Blu-ray Domination Pushes Hardware Sales to 93% After CES

If all the talk of HD DVD's demise wasn't enough to actually convince you that it's all but over for HD DVD, take a look at these numbers from the research group NPD. The two formats sold almost neck and neck in the week leading up to CES, but Blu-ray completely knee-to-groined HD DVD in the week of CES's shenanigans… »1/22/08 7:00pm1/22/08 7:00pm