Sharp Builds Wireless Electronic Car Keys into a Phone, Finally

In collaboration with Nissan and NTT Docomo, a Japanese mobile operator, Sharp has developed what they claim is the first mobile phone that also functions as a keyless entry and ignition device for cars. Rather than building a new system from the ground up, Sharp has simply opted to include Nissan's existing… » 9/24/08 5:30am 9/24/08 5:30am

NTT Turning Cellphones Into Smellphones

Phones with little scented tissues in them are just soooo 2007. In two days, NTT Communications will start testing something bigger and weirder. It's a freestanding $195 device, possibly due out March of next year, that holds 16 cartridges of base scents, like an inkjet printer's basic colors, that mix up more… » 4/08/08 10:00am 4/08/08 10:00am

NTT DoCoMo Considering Android Phone

For Google's Android platform to succeed, it could use a helping hand from cellphone-crazed Japan. NTT DoCoMo is Japan's largest wireless provider, and in addition to being a logo on Android's Open Handset Alliance, the company has started discussions to get the Linux-based platform on some percentage of their phones.… » 1/24/08 10:29am 1/24/08 10:29am

Nokia Successfully Tests 100Mbps Wireless Data Network

Today Nokia said that in technical trials, the target of 100Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed for its next-gen cellular data network "can be met," and promised initial deployment by 2010. Americans probably won't see it until later, since the 3GPP LTE (don't ask) initiative has more momentum across the… » 11/07/07 11:53am 11/07/07 11:53am

Update: E-Paper Phone from DoCoMo Has Ever-Changing Keys

Remember that "e-ink" phone we showed you yesterday? We just got the details and better pics. It's a DoCoMo prototype hard-keypad phone that actually uses e-paper from SiPix, not e-ink, to change the meaning of the keys. » 10/05/07 10:07am 10/05/07 10:07am

Super 3G to Blast 300Mbps, Making EV-DO Look Like Horse and Buggy

NTT DoCoMo is about to make even speedy 3.1Mbps EV-DO (Rev. A) look like a horse and buggy, experimenting with a Super 3G wireless network system that could blast data through the air at speeds of 300Mbps. That's fast. And somebody do the math, but that sounds like it's about a zillion times faster than the poky 80kbps … » 7/13/07 10:13am 7/13/07 10:13am