Nuance's Excellent Dictation Software is Heavily Discounted Today

Whether you're a slow typist, are a carpal tunnel sufferer, or just want to feel like you're living on the Starship Enterprise, Nuance's Dragon dictation software can make your voice as powerful as any mouse and keyboard. If you're curious to try it out, Amazon is knocking up to 65% off the price of the software,… » 1/09/15 9:45am 1/09/15 9:45am

Autogrammar Is About to Make Autocorrect a Lot More Naggy

Are you a lazy texter? Do you have fat fingers? Did you sleep through all of your English classes? Well, none of that matters any more with the imminent release of new software that not only autocorrects your misspelled words but also fixes your grammar mistakes. » 8/07/13 11:40am 8/07/13 11:40am

Voice Control Is Coming to DirecTV's Smartphone App

DirecTV released their (long overdue) Android tablet app just over a month ago, and it looks like that low-key entrance was paving the way something bigger: a voice control rollout over both its iPhone and Android mobile apps. » 4/23/13 9:00am 4/23/13 9:00am

Cloud-Based Voice Recognition Could Make Oral Commands Actually Useful

Think of voice recognition, and you probably think of Siri. Now, though, the company behind Apple's tech, Nuance, is planning a cloud-based, cross-platform system which could make the tech properly useful. » 1/09/13 4:22am 1/09/13 4:22am

How Do Computers Understand Speech?

More and more, we can get computers to do things for us by talking to them. A computer can call your mother when you tell it to, find you a pizza place when you ask for one, or write out an email that you dictate. Sometimes the computer gets it wrong, but a lot of the time it gets it right, which is amazing when you… » 11/30/12 10:03am 11/30/12 10:03am

Nuance Planning Voice Recognition Which Works While Your Phone Sleeps

Nuance, the company behind Apple's Siri, isn't content with the current state of mobile voice recognition. Instead, it wants smartphones to be able to react to voice commands even when they're asleep. » 9/24/12 5:53am 9/24/12 5:53am

Next-Gen Ultrabooks Will Feature Nuance Voice Recognition

It's well-known that Intel is keen for the next swathe of ultrabooks to feature touchscreens. But it also has another wish for the future of svelte computing: it's teaming up with Nuance to outfit upcoming ultrabooks with voice recognition technology. » 9/12/12 6:27am 9/12/12 6:27am

Nuance Wants Voice Recognition To Take Over Your Entire Phone

Nuance's voice recognition software already crops up in plenty of places—most famously to power Siri, but also in standalone app Dragon Go!, some smart TVs, and even cars. Now, though, Nuance is planning to have its software power each and every app you use. » 8/06/12 7:30am 8/06/12 7:30am

Nuance's Dragon ID Understands the Unique Properties of Your Voice

Nuance already has some solutions for speech recognition—they've got a voice control app for both iOS and Android called Dragon Go! Now it's taking that a step further with Dragon ID, an even smarter tool that actually can decipher the sound of your voice. » 6/05/12 9:20pm 6/05/12 9:20pm

Here's How Siri Can Power an Apple HDTV

Nuance, the amazing voice recognition technology behind Siri and other voice recognition software on phones, has announced that they'll be bringing their voice tech to TVs now with Dragon TV. Basically, Nuance wants you to talk to your TVs. And since Apple is supposedly making an HDTV that let's you talk to the TV,… » 1/10/12 1:01pm 1/10/12 1:01pm

Nuance May Be Scooping Up Swype For $100 Million

Nuance is reportedly acquiring Swype, the company behind the popular keyboard alternative for Android. The purchase price is estimated to be a cool $100 million. » 10/06/11 9:30pm 10/06/11 9:30pm

Dragon Go! Brings Voice Search to the iPhone

Dragon Go! is a new mobile app that brings Nuance-quality voice search to the iPhone. You can search Google, Wikipedia, Yelp, YouTube and more without typing a single letter on your keyboard. » 7/14/11 1:54am 7/14/11 1:54am

Nuance Voice Control Spied Alongside MacBook Air Refresh In Latest…

Long gone are the days of the airtight Apple ship. In its place, in the past and today, especially, are leaks like these: Advanced Nuance voice recognition could be included in iOS 5 after all, MacBook Airs, oh my! » 6/12/11 9:11am 6/12/11 9:11am

Apple Hooks Up with Voice Recognition Company...To Supercharge Its…

Apple's mammoth North Carolina server farm just got a little less mysterious. Fitting a (very big) piece into the Siri buyout puzzle, Apple's reportedly holding hands with the voice recognition experts at Nuance to give your next iPhone speech superpowers. » 5/09/11 5:33pm 5/09/11 5:33pm

You Can Speak-To-Tweet With Dragon Dictation 2.0

Dragon Dictation has been our favorite speech recognition app for a while, and today's 2.0 update only strengthens that opinion. Not only does it bring the requisite iOS4 compatibility, but you can now speak your tweets and Facebook status updates. » 7/23/10 11:48am 7/23/10 11:48am

Dragon Dictation, World's Most Popular Dictation Software, Comes to App…

There've been some dictation apps before now, but now Nuance, makers of Dragon, the world's most popular desktop dictation software, is invading the App Store with their own. Plus, it's free (for a limited time)! Update: » 12/08/09 12:00am 12/08/09 12:00am

Palm Adding Voice Commands to Treos For Messaging and Browsing

Thanks to an agreement with Nuance Communications, Palm will be delivering voice command capabilities to Palm OS supported smartphones like the Centro and the Treo. More specifically, Palm will be utilizing Nuance's VSuite apps to handle functions like name dialing, digit dialing, message addressing for text, picture,… » 3/26/08 4:30pm 3/26/08 4:30pm

In Car, Hands-Free Text Messaging Using Microsoft Sync

Microsoft has teamed up with voice recognition software firm Nuance to develop its own hands-free text software for use with Microsoft Sync. The software would allow users to dictate SMS messages and possibly emails later on down the line. This would undoubtedly result in far less cellphone-related accidents, not to… » 10/08/07 7:40pm 10/08/07 7:40pm