An Odd Hypothesis About Bubbles Could Finally Lead to Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is the dream of energy scientists the world over, because it promises limitless, clean electricity. Most efforts to kickstart the process use high-intensity lasers, insane magnetic fields and super-hot hydrogen plasmas. But there may be a more humble alternative. It's called sonofusion, and it… »1/30/15 5:45am1/30/15 5:45am

The Futuristic Technology That Could Enable Interstellar Travel

Technically savvy scientists and engineers have put much effort into conceiving far-future technologies that might make possible near- light-speed travel. You can learn a lot about their ideas by browsing the web. It will take many centuries for humans to make any of those ideas real, I think. But they do convince… »11/14/14 2:08pm11/14/14 2:08pm

Here's What the Future of Nuclear Fusion Research Looked like in 1962

At the onset of the atomic age, governments on both sides of the iron curtain sought to harness the power of nuclear fusion. Researchers at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in New Jersey stood at the forefront of the American effort when, in 1953, they began using Stellarators—one of the earliest controlled… »9/03/14 11:40am9/03/14 11:40am

9/11 Twin Tower Collapse Provides Data For Building Better Fusion Reactors

Don't be afraid. You can read that headline again. I'll wait for you... Aaaand, okay: With cold fusion nowhere in sight, hot fusion looks to be the cleanest way to whip up some atomic energy. However, the steel needed to line the reactor may not be able to take the heat. UK scientists said that temperatures inside… »9/10/08 8:00pm9/10/08 8:00pm

Scientist Creates Cold Fusion For the First Time In Decades

Cold fusion, the act of producing a nuclear reaction at room temperature, has long been relegated to science fiction after researchers were unable to recreate the experiment that first "discovered" the phenomenon. But a Japanese scientist was supposedly able to start a cold fusion reaction earlier this week, which—if… »5/24/08 1:00pm5/24/08 1:00pm

Scientists Consider Mining Delicious Helium-3 on Moon For Fusion Power on Earth

After sucking our planet dry of any useful resources, we turn our eyes upward to the skies and search for another beautiful planet to rape. Scientists are hoping to mine helium-3 (He3) gas from the lunar surface — a gas that's rare here on Earth but is like a veritable Starbucks on the Moon. The gas is considered to… »8/24/07 7:44pm8/24/07 7:44pm