Atomic scientists: We're still dangerously close to the apocalypse

Each year since 1945, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists sends a letter to the UN Security Council in which they tell them how close we are from nuclear holocaust using a Doomsday Clock. In 1960 we were two minutes from midnight. Their new 2014 report says we're still five minutes from the Apocalypse. "Five minutes… » 1/15/14 2:45pm 1/15/14 2:45pm

There May Be a Brand New, Sprawling Subway System... For Our Giant…

In an effort to upgrade its aging nuclear weapons and accompanying silos, the Air Force is exploring the possibility of chauffeuring its missiles around in a massive, underground network of tunnels. Driving Miss Daisy, meet the Apocalypse. » 3/14/13 1:17pm 3/14/13 1:17pm